Location and access

Path to the mountain crystal

The Monte-Rosa hut is located in the most pristine landscape surrounded by the spectacular Gorner, Grenz and Monte-Rosa
glaciers. The name of the area is “Plattje” which lies at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif/mountain range. The hut is an ideal starting point for the many hikes up to 4000 meter peaks, for example the Dufourspitze, Nordend and Lyskamm mountains.



Summer access

Panoramatrail Monte Rosa Hütte, 4- 4.5 hours (recommended Variation)

New option

The trail starts from Rotenboden and is a wide and easily accessible path. At the end of this accessible path you continue walking straight little left to the Gorner glacier. At the glacier, there is an ascent. Over the big crevasses you cross the glacier. Crampons are necessary. After the Glacier leads the Panoramatrail to the first moraine you get into big rocks. After the secone moraine you go over some slate plates. Some ropes and step iron make the crossing easier. After the third moraine the Monte Rosa Hut is nearby.

The route is identified with blue and white markings. It is a high alpine hiking trail with a difficulty of T4 according to the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC).

Monte Rosa mountain trail on the map

The old route 4- 4.5 hours
The Monte-Rosa hut is located in high-altitude mountains and is not considered to be a standard hikers’ cottage. The start is at Rotenboden (Gornergratbahn) station along a wide and easy walkable trail followed by a climbing up a 15m ladder. Thereafter you reach a passage over the Gorner glacier. The route through the glacier is identified with blue and white markings. Please note that crampons are required. Once you walk through the glacier you reach the Monte Rosa lake. Straight after the lake, a steep path leads you to the hut.

Old route on the map



The transitions as well as pathways on the glacier may change and are often tricky. Proper hiking boots and crampons are necessary. Poles or an ice axe, and eventually a rope would be helpful to have with you. In addition, good stamina and physical endurance is essential.


4- 4.5hours through the old path or via the new Monte Rosa Panoramatrail  (see the ascents).

Gorner glacier- a very special experience for the guests, 6-7 hours

The walk starts at the Monte Rosa hut and follows the Gorner glacier all the way down to Furi. The walking time on the glacier itself would be approximately 4.5-5 hours. We do advise a mountain guide.

Winter - A paradise for ski tourers!

The climb

Schwarztor, 4.5- 5 hours
Start is at the Klein Matterhorn over the Schwarztor Schwärze glacier towards the Gorner glacier with an ascent to the hut.

Under Theodul Glacier, 5- 5.5 hours
Start at Klein Matterhorn, then pass over the lower Theodul glacier down to the Gorner glacier and go up to the hut or from Trockener Steg ascent to the Gandegg middle station via the lower Theodul glacier to the Gorner glacier up to the hut. The variation from Trockener Steg is ca. 30 min longer.

Gornerli, 6 hours
Start in Furi and go pass trough the Gornerli (Gorge) and Gorner glacier up to the hut.

Rote Nase- Stockhorn, 5 hours
Start at the Rote Nase station over the Stockhorn and the Saaserlücke to reach the hut.
Please be aware of the train and gondela schedule!

Starting in May
From the beginning of May, when the summer trail is dry, the trail leads on foot from Rotenboden station via the summer trail to the Gorner glacier 2650m. Then the ascent is on skis up to the Saaser Lücke 3100m, after the via ferrata you can ski to the hut. This variant is also used as a way back to Zermatt if the gorge at the bottom of the Gorner glacier is no longer passable.



2883 mamsl


1348 Zermatt (1:25000)
284 Mischabel (1:50000)

Starting point of climb


Duration of climb

4-4.5 hours


intermediate, glacier-transitions

Minimal equipment

Mountain shoes