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Monte Rosa Dufourspitze 4634m

The Monte Rosa Dufourspitze is the highest peak in Switzerland. It is the second highest peak in the Alps.

In both summer and winter this is one of the most demanding high-altitude tours in the middle of the imposing Monte Rosa mountain range.

ZS-, 6h-8h

Variations: Via the Cresta Rey Grad ZS or as a crossing to the Zumstein (4563m) then to the Signalkuppe 4554m (Margherita Hütte) or as a combination together with the Nordend.

Nordend 4609

There is a possibility to hike up to the summit or ski tour over the Silbersattel to the top. The Nordend is seen to be in the shadow of its neighbor the Dufour. In winter there is a possibility to ski down the Monte Rosa Glacier, it is a wonderful ski run.
S+, 5-7h
Variations:Via the Cresta Santa Caterina (NO ridge), SS

Zumsteinspitze 4563m / Signalkuppe 4554m (Margherita Hütte) / Parrotspitze 4434m / Ludwigshöhe 4342m / Schwarzhorn 4321m / Balmhorn 4167m / Vincentpyramide 4215m

This is an easily accessible summit with a climb over the Grenz glacier. Several summits can be combined in one day.

Overnight accommodation is available in the Margerita hut (highest hut in Europe) or in the huts on the Italian side (Gnifetti or Mantova).

WS, 5-8h

Lyskamm Ost 4527m and West 4479m

This is one of the most beautiful crossings in the Alps. This route is suitable for climbers in good physical condition. It is also possible to climb the eastern summit only. During the crossing, you can stay in the Quintino Sella hut.

SS, 6-8h for the eastern summit, 8-10h for the crossing

Variations:north wall of the eastern summit.


The Haute Route connects Saas Fee with Chamonix. This seven-day ski tour is a must for any ski touring fan. For the past couple of years the route has been open in summer and includes glacier trekking.

Jägerhorn 3970m

Beautiful tour in wild surroundings and a nice climbing route to the summit.

ZS, 4-6h

Cima di Jazzi 3803m

This is an easy ski tour with a beautiful descent over the Findel Glacier to Zermatt.

It is often an option after a big touring day to get you

back to Zermatt.

WS, 4-5h

Castor 4223m / Pollux 4092m / Breithorn 4164m

These are ideal mountains for ski touring with an ascent over the Schwarztor. hut over the Gorner glacier.

The tour starts with the descent from the Monte Rosa hut

WS-S, 4-6h



The Monte Rosa hut often serves as a starting point to cross over to Italy for example:


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