The hut

Eat, sleep, enjoy

Restaurant & catering

Whether you are a guest for the day or staying overnight, our hut team will take care of your thirst and hungry bellies.

Sleeping places: 120

Rescue room: 12

Owner of the hut

SAC Section Monte Rosa



There are 6,7 and 8 bed bedrooms split into three floors.

All beds are equipped with pillows, duvets and cover. For hygienic reasons you are required to use a special thin sleeping bag.

Each guest has his/her own spot for his/her rucksack.

The wardens will allocate the beds.

Dining room

The dining room is made out of wood to cater to a warm and welcoming ambiance.

The terrace

Please do take your time to enjoy the terrace at 2883m with the stunning views of the surrounding mountain range. There is enough space for up to 90 guests.


Even the staircase brings you the mind blowing views of your surroundings.

Toilets, laundry room and showers

The hut is equipped with modern sanitary bathroom equipment. There are 8 toilets, 1 washroom and 4 showers. Please note, there is a fee for the shower which is CHF 5,- (for warm water).

Additional info

  • Please do not drink tap water.
  • There are very few plugs in the dining room.
  • Shower has a cost of CHF 5,-.
  • It is obligatory to sleep in a special thin sleeping bag for hygienic reasons. You can rent such sleeping bag for CHF 5,-.
  • There is a room where the shoes can be deposited. However, it is not a drying room.
  • Dogs are welcome to sleep over. Please note they will have to sleep with the owner in a special separate room. The cost per dog per night is CHF 20.-.
  • Camping in the surroundings is forbidden.